Thursday, January 8, 2015

January meeting recap

Our meeting went very well (I thought).  The attendance was good (about twenty) and we discussed the calendar, UCF Connect, weather delay procedures and the 926 bridge closing.  

1.  There were a lot of questions about the thinking that went into the calendar and how many people responded to the survey - so here are a few follow-ups.

- We had over 1,300 responses to our survey.  The response rate was one of the highest I have ever seen, reflecting how the calendar impacts all of us (use this link to see the survey results).  Additionally we have had about 40 people provide us input from the website posting.

2.  Weather related school delays or closing (in this case the call was to open on time) was a topic of interest to many and John explained the general process and the specifics of this week's decision.

- The decision to close school is part science part art.  John explained that student safety is the prime issue.  When bad weather is forecast, John schedules a morning call with transportation and buildings and grounds to evaluate the forecast, road conditions and readiness of all buildings.  Key roads around the district are driven and evaluated as well.  John also has an early morning call with other county superintendents where they review their thinking and plans.

- We discussed that buses are the safest way for students to arrive at school and in future our announcements will address this and advise parents.

3.  A few positive remarks about the Board notes that we put out before and after Board meetings were shared with the group.  We are always looking for ways to improve our communications, so please let us know what ideas you have to improve our communications and make them more impactful.

4.  A suggestion was made that we make more mention of the student involvement in UCF Connect.  We encourage all Key Communicators to share the message that the magazine is produced at no cost to tax payers.  The office managers said that they had often gotten that question.

5.  We also talked about creating a blog or message board for Key Communicators to provide input and ask questions - this post serves as the initial post of that blog.  You can subscribe to this blog and receive updates in your email by clicking on the subscribe link at the bottom of this page.

6.  Unfortunately we didn't get to talk about the homework committee.  The Board wants the homework advisory committee to survey parents, teachers and students and to re-evaluate and publish guidelines for homework.  Surveys will be going out later this month and I'll be sending out an update on results in March.

7.  Our next meeting will probably be after Spring break - we'll finalize the date and send out an invite.  In the meantime - keep in touch!

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